Guys seek a female for reasons other than her natural appeal. They want someone who will make them happy merely by touching her skin and who makes them laugh when they see her in old pants without eyeliner. Yet if their ambitions and goals are different from hers, they want a life companion who did help them. They even seek out a helpful, outgoing woman who can converse with anyone in addition to her lover.

A man’s family and friends are among the most significant aspects of his life. He seeks a lady who will be loving and respectful to his friends and family. He does n’t want a woman who will disparage him in front of his friends or gossip about him. He wants a person who will talk to his family and friends when they need her and who is understanding of them.

He moreover seeks out a imaginative female. This means she thinks creatively and comes up with original solutions to problems, not just that she can create arts and crafts or imitate Pinterest tasks. She also needs to become a good family in common and capable of disciplining his kids when necessary.

Since 1939, integrity has been ranked as the most desirable quality in a family. Dependability is very important to males. A woman who is dependable and trustworthy is essential when you’re married because you ca n’t always rely on having a pretty face or smarts.