Russian cultural practices have a rich heritage, strong ties to custom, and an excessively significant body of literature and art. It makes sense that the Russian citizens are proud of their heritage, as countless customs were revived during the post-soviet time.

Family is a major component of nationwide traditions, shaped by an autocratic mentality that values balance and unification within families highly. Russian relatives are pretty protective of their boys and demand that they be respected and accountable for their choices. They even care a lot about what their kids wear, consume, and who they hang out with in their free time, as well as how and where they spend it.

Education is crucial to the Russian citizens, with 65 % of adults having a university education. The majority of people consider having a great command of the Russian language to be essential. Russian pupils frequently study English as a foreign speech, but it may be more difficult to find native English speakers outside of big places.

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Although liquor is also a favorite drink, Russians are also known for their love of whiskey and various alcoholic drink. Russian culture is heavily influenced by food, including pirogies, borscht, shish kebab, and dumplings ( pelmeni ). Russia can be identified by its Matryoshka doll, Moscow Kremlin, and Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Various state icons include the birch trees, lavender, and the picture of Rodina Mat’- Mother Russia.