Chinese actresses have proven to be a formidable pressure, whether it be in the lauded historical tragedies slim chinese wives lonely of the recent or the more recent, popular contemporary collection. Audiences have been enthralled by their mesmerizing beauty, which has left some viewers wanting more. These stunning ladies are developing into some of China’s major celebrities.

Jiang Xin first rose to fame after appearing in the wuxia drama Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (Tianlong Ba Bu Tianlong ) in 2003, where she earned critical acclaim for her role as Zhang Jingyi, a righteous tomboy. Her subsequent roles in period drama The Story of a Noble Family (Jin Fen Shi Jia) and wuxia drama Empresses in the Palace (Bai You Ling Chuan Qi Zhi ) further cemented her reputation as a talented actress.

Ma Yili, who was born in Shanghai, made her television debut as the main character in the 1996 drama series Vacuum Love Records ( Zhen Kong Ai Qing Ji Lu), where people were impressed by her seductive beauty and strong-willed personality. She quickly expanded into picture acting as well, and she has since acted in a number of high-budget movies and hit dramas.

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A versatile actress, Teresa was well received with her starring roles in urban romance drama Boss & Me (Shan Shan Lai Liao Liao) and costume drama The Story of Minglan (Zhi Fou Zhi Ying Tian Lei ). Her portrayal as a narcotics officer in the popular television series Happiness As Flowers (Xing Fu Xiang Hua ) and Twenty Your Life On > left audiences intrigued and eager to see what she will bring to other projects.